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Article by Leah Folta
March 1, 2011

ExtremeWeatherWatch 2011: Los Angeles continues to be “like, super cold”

Photo: Dramatic reenactment If you’re in the USC area and have walked outside recently, you may have had the misfortune to notice it’s been January and even February for some time now ““ and Angelenos don’t want to take it anymore. Despite a great deal of sun, temperatures have been pretty consistently hovering between the... MORE »

Article by Rud
February 7, 2011

Student from California Finally Realizes SU is Not in NYC

“The only reason I ultimately decided to come to this school is because I heard they were making a Spiderman musical and I wanted to go see it. Then I get here and not only is the school in bumblefuck central New York, but the only show playing in the nearby theater is Rent. So... MORE »

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February 7, 2011

Giant Snow Dick!

too bad campus police destroyed it MORE »

Article by emcorbet
January 25, 2011

Wintry conditions nationwide cripple college conversations

“Surviving the snow?” “Staying warm?” “Isn’t it cold out?”  Yes, we’re surviving. No we are not warm – it’s fucking freezing out to answer the last question as well. We’ve all been here. Every state save for Florida (those bastards) has gotten hit hard with snow this winter and temperatures across the country are breaking... MORE »

Article by Alex Rosenthal
January 24, 2011

SU NEWS ALERT: Don’t Wear Wet Socks Or You’ll Get Frostbite

Due to how freaking ridiculously cold it is right now, the Syracuse University Health Center issued a special email alert informing the student body of the dangers of frostbite, hypothermia, and other cold weather injuries. Some of the brilliantly handy tips they offer on how to stay warm in sub-freezing temperatures include putting on a... MORE »

Article by Anonymous
January 12, 2011

Local Student Turns Snow Into Profit

Some people dream of an early retirement, and for one Cornell named Daniel Oranger that might very well be the case.  Deemed by the Ithaca Sun as “one of the ten most business savvy Cornellians of the recent decade, and possibly of all time,” Daniel Oranger keeps it modest when describing his snowcone empire. What started as... MORE »

Picture by Rud
January 12, 2011

The Syracuse Network

credit for the original snow picture goes to: 2005, Denis Jacquerye Avenue de l’Esplanade ———————————————————— Ahhh, legal issues. MORE »

Picture by ChillBro
December 9, 2010


too much snow plz cancel classes!!!!!!!! MORE »

Picture by Sheldon J
December 8, 2010