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Article by unclealbert
November 5, 2011

Curricular Planner Designed by Ex-Nazi Scientist

Wash U’s Office of Public Relations revealed a shameful secret yesterday””the curricular planner function on Webstac, designed to help students organize the credits they must achieve to graduate, was designed by Detlef von Braun, formerly a rocket scientist in Hitler’s Third Reich.   Von Braun worked closely with Hitler and other SS higher-ups, and his... MORE »

Article by JClassy
November 5, 2011

HOT HOT HOT! Wash U’s Newest Student Run Business!

GRAND OPENING: Wash U’s Newest Student-Run Business: “Fuckin’ On The 40″ After all”¦ you’ll always remember your first 40″¦   We had a naming competition”¦ -Fuckin’ On The 40 (WINNER!) -Wydown on Me -Watch U Wash -Forplay on Forsyth   It’s about time! No more going abroad to Amsterdam to get your kinky sex toys.... MORE »