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Article by Piliour
October 12, 2010

Professors Look to Students for Excuses to Skip Class

A recent trend has begun to develop at Syracuse where, in a surprising turn of events, professors are copying off of students. Namely, they have taken to skipping class and providing students with incredibly underdeveloped excuses. Over the last few weeks, a record 67 professors have been recorded absent from class, citing excuses such as,... MORE »

Article by Rud
October 3, 2010

Frank Warren Visit Inspires Syracuse University Post Secret Submissions

  The upcoming Frank Warren visit on October 20th has inspired literally dozens of Syracuse University-related Post Secret submissions. Here are just a few of the finer ones: MORE »

Article by Anonymous
September 21, 2010

Your Suggestions to CuseMyCampus

We got a bunch of suggestions over the past few days, and thought we’d highlight a few. Here they are, your opinions at their best. Suggestion: Off campus housing lists pleaseee! you guys are like college humor, I love it Well thank you, we are currently working with some landlords to get housing on here.... MORE »

Article by Ian Smith
September 7, 2010

Students Buying Textbooks in Schine Bookstore Still in Long Ass Checkout Line

Sophomore Brian Carter had an hour in between two afternoon classes last Monday so he thought he would buy his textbooks to pass the time. Little did he know that 168 hours later he would still be waiting in line. “I thought the line for the Aerosmith Rock  “n’ Rollercoaster at Disney World was long,”... MORE »