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Article by Mitch Finnegan
October 6, 2012

‘Mustaches back in,’ says guy with mustache

According to mustachioed junior Jon Kinnison, mustaches aren’t just for dads and creepy uncles anymore. That’s right, folks – Kinnison’s one-person survey concludes that sporting a ‘stache is “fashion forward.” Kinnison said he recently traveled to Boulder, Co., where he saw more lip hair than in both of the Sherlock Holmes movies combined (seriously, go... MORE »

Article by Mitch Finnegan
September 29, 2012

Tech-reliant junior male misled by iPhone GPS, spends week at Stephens College unnoticed

Last Monday, Mizzou junior Sam Tackett woke up and about pissed himself when he remembered he just bought the new iPhone 5 the day before. Eager to try out the new features of Apple’s latest product, Tackett said he decided to use the new map app to get to class. While Tackett said he was... MORE »