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Article by Annie Segal
January 26, 2012

Oscar Nominations Causing Riots

The Nominees for the 8th Academy Awards have been announced. For the most part, the nominations were well deserved. There is, however, a group of people who are not content with the list of nominees this year. The group argues that there are many movies that were ignored and did not get the proper nominations... MORE »

Article by Roy Parker
January 16, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: “The Muppets” Win NOTHING at the Golden Globes”¦ WTF?!

At the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards last night there were many winners, the big ones being “The Descendants,” “The Artist,” “Homeland,” and “Modern Family.” But a night that brings many winners also brings about even more losers. And while people may be upset that “Bridesmaids” didn’t win gold nor did Leonardo DiCaprio walk away... MORE »

Article by Leigh
January 5, 2012

My Winter Break Movie Guidelines

If you’re like me then your winter break has been jam packed with movies, and if you’re Jewish like me then these aren’t movies that you’ve paid for. I put more effort into researching a movie I might have to pay to see in theatres than I’ve put into my thesis. First, I check RottenTomatoes.com... MORE »

Article by Annie Segal
December 15, 2011

HWD 101: How Hollywood Tries to Prepare You for College

Before coming to college, every future student loads up on movies about college life. Right now, as more and more 12th graders are getting their early decision college acceptance letters, they are stocking up on movies about becoming the king on campus in their freshman year. Well, they’re all going to get a huge wake... MORE »

Video by
December 5, 2011

I’m Shmacked The Movie : Trailer #2 – Syracuse University

Trailer # 2 for the movie/documentary I’m Shmacked. The purpose of this is go to 12 of the best schools around the country, choose one student to spend atleast 2 days there , document it to experience how the diversity differs at each college and what makes that school so special to its students. MORE »

Article by Roy Parker
December 2, 2011

Movie Poop Scoop – December 2011 Edition

With the holiday/Oscar season upon us, December brings us a wide variety of films opening in a theatre near you. But what films will be worth your time this month and what ones won’t be? Well, most of them won’t be. Here’s your handy-dandy rundown of what to expect from movies over the next month:... MORE »

Article by Roy Parker
November 18, 2011

Why I Secretly Want to Be a Hipster (and Probably Why You Do Too”¦)

It’s hard to walk outside these days and not pass by someone with a pair of fake horn-rimmed glasses on and set of giant-ass headphones to match. You find these folks hanging out in between buildings, smoking self-rolled cigarettes, wearing their skinny jeans and beanies, and talking about the importance of Stanley Kubrick films in... MORE »

Article by Eric Pratt
November 17, 2011

5 Reasons “The Immortals” May Die Out

The Immortals opened last weekend, and audiences everywhere seem to think it wasn’t speaking Greek.  (They were correct–it wasn’t.  Anyone who thought otherwise should see their health practitioner.)  The mythology-laced 3D sword-and-sandals film managed to top the box in the US and in foreign markets with over $30 million in each region.  Haroo, haroo, haroop-de-doo.... MORE »

Article by G-Nonymous
November 16, 2011

Conspiracy Revealed: Adam Sandler Died in 2005; Replaced with Unfunny Look-Alike

For some time, cinema experts around the country have been puzzled by the question of how Adam Sandler could have been so funny in the 90s yet so bad in the past few years. After the release of Jack & Jill this past weekend, however, the authorities have decided that there could only be one... MORE »