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Article by Roy Parker
September 28, 2012

My Inner-Battle about Whether to See “Pitch Perfect”

SCA’s “Outside the Box Office” film screening series is doing a sneak preview of Universal’s “Pitch Perfect” tomorrow. I have a reservation because I make a reservation for anything that I’ve actually heard of prior to looking at the website. But I cannot decide on whether I should go or not, I keep swaying back... MORE »

Article by Becca Grumet
September 26, 2012

Young Adult Novels are Totally Cool

I have a confession to make: I never grew up. At least, with books. I mean, I’ve tried to read the classics and textbooks for school and weird angsty poetry but something always brings me back to the good ol’ days of hiding behind the awesomeness of the YA novel. Yes, even now in college.... MORE »

Article by Roy Parker
September 19, 2012

Film Student’s Favorite Summer Film “Battleship”; Thrown Out of Cinema School

Stephen Learner, a senior from North Carolina majoring in Film and Television Production, just thought he was having a fun conversation with his friends about the summer film canon of 2012. He was wrong. Unbeknownst to him, as soon as he uttered the phrase, “I really loved ‘Battleship.’ Easily my favorite flick of the year,”... MORE »

Article by Roy Parker
April 16, 2012

If The Avengers Went to College

  Loganor over at Columbia Basement wrote an article awhile back called “If Disney Princesses Went to College.”  And being a boy… I unabashedly loved it and couldn’t stop trying to figure out which princess each staggering co-ed I saw while riding my scooter home was. This then got me scared that I had all... MORE »

Article by emcorbet
April 3, 2012

Students prepare for re-release of Titanic with nauseating techniques

“She won’t stop singing,” says Maxwell Tully, junior in Whitman and boyfriend of Rachel Lough who recently purchased a boombox circa 1997 and the original Titanic soundtrack and has been belting Celine Dion for the past two weeks straight. “I clearly couldn’t use my iPod,” Lough says, “they didn’t exist in 1997 – YOU’RE HEEERREEE!... MORE »

Article by jillboard
March 29, 2012

Ramapo College Redefines The Hunger Games

Mahwah, NJ – By now, you are all fully acquainted with The Hunger Games due to the media forcing it down our throats like mothers with broccoli. We know, you “read the books and they’re sooo much better than the movie” – totally didn’t hear  that about Twilight or Harry Potter, you hipster betch. For... MORE »

Article by Roy Parker
March 17, 2012

Film Student Discovers Spielberg Not SCA Alum, Devastated

Corey Hartman is a senior majoring in Production in the USC School of Cinematic Arts. He has survived through the construction and completion of the new SCA buildings and was tickled to no end when he found one of the buildings dedicated to his idol – Steven Spielberg. “As soon as I saw them chiseling... MORE »

Article by Cailin Lowry
February 22, 2012

USC Ruins Movies, Devastates Writer

USC has ruined movies* for me. Despite being a film major, it wasn’t the School of Cinematic Arts that destroyed the mirage Hollywood created in my pre-college days. Instead, I hold Bovard, Trousdale, Doheny, and VKC accountable. Hell, even Taper and GFS had a hand in killing the magic of movies. I present to you... MORE »

Article by drewthegoose
February 18, 2012

Transformers 4 Promises More Explosions, Less Plot

Michael Bay announced Tuesday morning that he is set to direct the fourth Transformers movie, promising that it will spend more time on explosions and focus less on dialogue and plot. The movie, set to release in 2014, is the highly unanticipated follow-up to last year’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon. During a press conference... MORE »