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Article by halfmanhalfamazing
December 2, 2011

Winter Break Delayed: Washington University To Deny Students of Christmas

St. Louis””Wash U spoiled students Winter Break plans to head home a few days before Christmas, announcing a mandatory meeting to discuss the state of the university at 11 pm on December 24th.  The school will require faculty to be present as well and attendance will be taken to ensure that no one has time... MORE »

Article by Becca Grumet
November 22, 2011

The Best Black Friday Deals at Dollar Dollar

Becca here to announce the most exciting news of the holiday season! Many of you know it  ““ a little hidden gem tucked inside the University Village known as Dollar Dollar. Perhaps this is where you’ve bought your kitchenware or a 3 pack of tube socks. Affectionately dubbed “Dollar2“ by absolutely no one except me,... MORE »

Picture by Anonymous
September 29, 2011

Happy New Year To Our Jewish Readers

If you’re sitting in temple much like me, you’re experiencing the wonderful standing, sitting, singing and shofar blowing. Good times! Well I’d like to take this moment to thank god for smart phones, cause now I can surf campusbasement with my phone cleverly hidden in the sedar book.  There’s so many old people at these... MORE »

Article by Tyler Marchewski
July 2, 2011

State Patty’s Day Numbers Are In

The State Patty’s Day numbers are finally in from February. After hospital costs, business damages, and arrests, students cost the borough of State College $34,141. Despite these losses the Borough’s net gain was $15,144 from parking garages and parking tickets. The number of criminal arrests was up 46% from last year at 234 arrests, from... MORE »

Article by lyapalater
April 27, 2011

Lone Easter Egg Found Days Later

Four days after Easter, Dave Pincher, a professor here at Ohio State, discovered that one of the Easter eggs he planted in his backyard had never been found, meaning that out of all 13 young children participating in the hunt, none were smart enough to find the egg hidden in the flower beds on the... MORE »

Article by Piliour
December 14, 2010

Student Expelled for Wishing Professor a Merry Christmas

Tuesday started like any other day for Michael Rosenberg. He woke up at 10:00, watched SportsCenter, ate a bowl of cereal, and headed to his 11:00 economics class. But at noon, all hell broke loose. “It was a pretty chill day,” says Rosenberg. “[Professor] Jones knew we were all mentally on vacation, so she let... MORE »

Article by emcorbet
December 2, 2010

Holidayaholism…It’s real and it’s out there

As every radio station busts out the Christmas music, students waiting to hear Rudolph and Santa songs 24/7 are overwhelmed with holiday cheer. With the snow scheduled for this week as well, Christmas is permeating the SU campus faster than BP oil did in the Gulf this summer. (Too soon for oil spill jokes?) Yet... MORE »

Picture by Anonymous
December 1, 2010

Eli The Homeless Guy on Marshall Street Has An Album!

Apparently Eli had time to record a CD just in time for Christmas. Titled “El’s Christmas Mission” the album was recorded in the Belfer Audio Laboratory, at Syracuse University.  So, now when Eli comes up to you asking for cash, you can tell him you bought his CD! Check out Empire Life Entertainment to read more MORE »

Video by Anonymous
December 1, 2010

This Should End With A Drive-By Or Mugging

Somehow 7053 Productions has managed to make downtown Syracuse look pretty and happy. I just don’t think downtown Syracuse looks like that during the holidays… MORE »