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December 10, 2011

There is absolutely nothing wrong with ordering celery before a meal

Celery? Gross. Thanks to Lincoln Station Bar & Grill MORE »

Article by BradBabendir
December 9, 2011

Campus Dining to transform Baja Grill in 2012

Few things are more mediocre than Campus Dining. Their standards are low, and as long as less than 30% of the students contract salmonella, all is generally well. The food is to remain edible and the service staff are to wash their hands most of the time after using the rest room. But past that,... MORE »

Article by Daniel T
December 6, 2011

What Your Order from CampusFood.com Says About You

Bubble tea from Unique Tea HouseAt this point, ordering bubble tea from CampusFood.com says that you’ve gotten past the initial texture freak-out and have moved onto the common yet unhealthy phase of obsession. You’ve scheduled group meetings and first dates at Unique Tea House as any excuse to feed your addiction. At this point, having... MORE »

Article by doodlebug
November 29, 2011

Confused Family of Four Found inside South Forty House: “We Thought It Was a Carnival Cruise!”

Tuesday: A family of four was found with an unusual amount of suitcases stealing from the salad bar at Paws-n-Go. “Don’t you just love an all-inclusive resort?!” Marilyn Jones shrieked as the B & D security guard reprimanded her. According to the security guards, Mrs. Jones and her family had actually been asked to leave... MORE »

Article by halfmanhalfamazing
November 25, 2011

Six Ridiculous Ways Wash U Spends Its Money

Wash U has an endowment of $4,560,043,000.  Many of you look at that massive number and ask, “Where did it all go?”  Our university has gone to all lengths to continue building their resources.  In fact, Wash U became a smoke free campus primarily because it would save them money on health insurance payments for... MORE »

Article by Lia Woodward
November 23, 2011

Students fly home to celebrate National Haircut/Long Distance Breakup Weekend

It’s an exciting time of year. Late November.   Classes end early, beards are in full swing, everybody travels near and far to be among friends and family, people buy extra food, all to celebrate one very important American holiday: National Haircut/Breakup weekend.   Since this great nation’s birth, the week of November 24th has... MORE »

Article by halfmanhalfamazing
November 18, 2011

Wash U to End Free Sushi Wednesdays at the DUC

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 marks a day that will live in infamy throughout the Wash U Community for years to come.  Bon Appétit management has announced its intentions to end “Free Sushi Wednesdays” in the DUC.  For those of you who are unaware of this campus-wide phenomenon, Free Sushi Wednesdays has played a crucial role... MORE »

Article by Funky DelPueblo
November 10, 2011

‘Connie’s Choice’ Picked up by FX For 3-Season Run

Fox Entertainment Group announced on Wednesday that they had finally closed on talks with Connie Diekman, MEd, RD, LD, FADA, and are beginning production on a new television series to air this Winter, titled “Connie’s Choice.” The series will be roughly based on the life of Diekman, best known for being the director of university... MORE »

Article by Alex R
November 4, 2011

The Greatest Man in Syracuse

            The term “big man on campus” is thrown around a lot. But nobody exemplifies this persona more than one man. Wheather you know his name or not he has been in your dorm room more than any girl has. He has been in your neighbor’s home, your girlfriends’, your T.A’s,... MORE »