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Article by jillboard
March 29, 2012

Ramapo College Redefines The Hunger Games

Mahwah, NJ – By now, you are all fully acquainted with The Hunger Games due to the media forcing it down our throats like mothers with broccoli. We know, you “read the books and they’re sooo much better than the movie” – totally didn’t hear  that about Twilight or Harry Potter, you hipster betch. For... MORE »

Article by Alex R
March 27, 2012

Student Eats Nothing But Stir-Fry For A Week

Enjoy having Stir-fry for dinner? Think you can eat it again tomorrow? How about the day after that? And the day after that? How about for a whole week? Junior Peter Shmitt did just that. Living in Ernie Davis Hall he has officially completed the Syracuse Dining Hall Stir-fry challenge by eating nothing but Stir-fry... MORE »

Article by Piliour
March 2, 2012

Around the Web

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for us to feature some awesome content from our friends around the web! In this week’s edition, you can find out some techniques for dealing with your roommate (homicide is not an option, although if you’ve successfully pulled it off, I’m sure people would love to know how…), calculate how... MORE »

Article by rkrieg
February 29, 2012

Art of the Brunch

I am a huge proponent of eating breakfast. There is nothing like a good Chobani session. Am I right, ladies? And what could be better than Greek yogurt and/or four-month-old boxes of stale cereal to fuel you through your day? Let’s kick things up a notch… to something super secret, super special, super sweet and/or savory, superhero level of... MORE »

Article by Lia Woodward
February 22, 2012

Fresh & Easy & Me: A Love Story

The latest exciting chapter in Lia’s series of open letters to places, not people. Dear Fresh & Easy, For the last few months, the area beneath my apartment has undergone some serious construction to which I truthfully never paid any attention. The irony in my indifference, even annoyance, toward your building process can only be... MORE »

Picture by Annie Segal
February 9, 2012

Poll of the Worst Foods to Nom on During Class

Campus Basement took a poll using Syracuse University students asking what the worst foods to eat on campus are. MORE »

Article by Lia Woodward
January 25, 2012

New college restaurant opens, “Ramen & Pepperoni Sandwich” gets rave reviews

Campus was all atwitter in reaction to the opening of the latest, hottest restaurant in town: LiSa’s College Restaurant. Note the prominent S that definitely makes the name LISA and not LIA. I most certainly am not responsible for starting this restaurant, probably. Moving on, last week LiSa’s College Restaurant opened its repainted door (that... MORE »

Article by maxmartinez
January 23, 2012

Cornell Dining to Stop Using Oil in All Foods

You know that feeling after you eat a Cornell Dining meal when you have to run to the bathroom 5 minutes after? Well, that won’t be happening anymore. Today, Cornell University president David Skorton announced that all dining halls and on-campus eateries will stop lathering enormous amounts of oil on all foods. The move comes... MORE »

Article by gpsmonkey
December 18, 2011

STUDY: Stress of Final’s Week Distorts Student Perception of Bad Food

If you are a student at Bryant, you know that finals week occupies 99% of your grade during 1% of the semester. Accordingly, you have focused all of your time and effort to not failing any of your courses. What you have missed is obvious miscues from several branches on campus. We have highlighted just... MORE »