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Article by Michael Sullivan
December 11, 2010

Fed up Marshall student finally looks up ‘synergy’

After more than two years of general frustration, Marshall junior Sasha Heinz finally caved in and looked up the word “synergy” on Tuesday. “You know, I’d had enough,” Heinz recalled. “I was studying for one of my finals, another test based on rote memorization of arbitrary terms, when I’d decided I’d had enough.” The final... MORE »

Article by apost
December 11, 2010

Mann Library Rivals Walmart

Similarly to Walmart on Black Friday, Mann Library opens at 10 AM on a Saturday morning during finals week and a line is out the door to rent laptops, chargers and get Take Notes and I think someone was trampled….you know you’re at Cornell during finals week when. Thanks to our local photographer Steph Friedman MORE »

Article by Ian Smith
November 30, 2010

Professor Moves Up Final Exam to Last Day of Class, Reaches “Baller Status”

And you thought your “douche” of a psychology professor should go “shove it.” “Yeah, I gotta say that before Professor Cox moved up the final exam to the last day of class, I thought he was a total asshat,” said fraternity brother Boner Jones. “I mean, I was getting D’s on his papers and tests... MORE »