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Article by Piliour
May 4, 2010

Mayfest Lives On! Sort Of…

On Friday, Mayfest was in full swing. But it wasn’t all Pythagorean theorems and hypotenuses like Mayor Miner wanted. Euclid was hopping. And so, in an effort to prevent fun of any kind from happening, SPD decided to hit a cyclist. Around 10 AM, Officer Doofy of the Syracuse Police Department was driving along, searching... MORE »

Picture by Anonymous
April 12, 2010

How To: 5 Ways To Avoid a “Drinking in Public” Ticket

Due to the increase in tickets DPS will be handing out, we created a guide to save your dumbass. MORE »

Article by Anonymous
April 7, 2010

Mystery Mayfest Beer Brewed by Nancy Cantor

Now that “Mayfest” has been tainted, students have decided to try and focus on the good that is still left””the free beer. What will it be? How will it be served? Busch Light? Keystone? Natural Ice? Cans, bottles or red Solo cups? With how money hungry our university is, people have been very curious about... MORE »

Article by Piliour
April 1, 2010

Opinion: SU Showcase: Dumbest Display of Intelligence?

On Wednesday, the Daily Orange featured an article by Susan Kim stating that SU Showcase, the day that attempted to destroy Mayfest, now requires students to submit a request to participate. Allow me to clarify this for those of you whose heads have NOT exploded yet. Syracuse University decided a few years ago that Mayfest... MORE »

Article by Piliour
March 30, 2010

Frat Guy in a Creepy Coat

We’ve all seen him. The Creepy Guy at a frat party. You’re out with your girlfriends, chillin’ at Sig Ep or DKE, or wherever you go, trying to have a good time, dancing up a storm, and then, you feel it. His greasy gaze boring a hole into the back of your head. A hole... MORE »

Video by Anonymous
March 22, 2010

Man vs Fence

Fence – 1 Man – 0 MORE »

Article by Piliour
March 22, 2010

How to: Get a Drink at Chucks

Step 1: Arrive at the front door and have the bouncer stare at your I.D. for way longer than normal. Looks like your pre-teen attempt at a beard makes you look like an idiot they don’t want in the bar. Either that or they don’t know how to do birthday math. Probably a combination of... MORE »

Picture by Piliour
March 8, 2010

Maggie’s Has Been Purchased

Prediction: New Maggie’s will be raided within one month and its liquor license will be revoked within two months. MORE »

Picture by Anonymous
March 3, 2010

Pledging Fees

there was some deep thought in this process MORE »