Currently holding the pulp, as well as the rest of the orange.

Syracuse University’s Orange Television Network recently debuted their very own late-night TV show, “Hold the Pulp.”  The brainchild of an impulse on the part of co-creators Jeff Cucinell and Kevin Cardoni; Hold the Pulp went from an inkling of an idea to a pilot airing on OTN in a matter of weeks.  With a surging supporting team of like-minded and hilarious individuals, Hold the Pulp is captivating audiences, one joke at a time.

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Special thanks go out to the Hold the Pulp staff for making this all possible.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Or, if we did, it would have taken a really long time and would have been a major pain in the ass…

Hold the Pulp Staff

Jeff Cucinell – Co-Creator, Executive Producer, Host, Head Writer, Video Editor

Kevin Cardoni – Co-Creator, Executive Producer, Co-Host, Head Writer, Video Editor

Jordan Diane Weaver – Executive Producer, Head Writer, Social Media Director

Tyler Kenly – Director, Head Writer, Video Editor, Camera Operator

Pete Quintana – DJ, Writer, Camera Operator

Brandt Hale – Technical Director

Anthony DiBiase – Writer, Camera Operator, “All-around Good Guy”

Luke Walsh – Floor Director, Writer

Tucker Hyland – Audio Director, Camera Operator

Pat McGowan – Writer, Actor/Impressions Expert

Sam Sloan – Writer

Sophie Kaplan – Writer

Ryan Johnson – Writer

Nick Pulis – Camera Operator