PIPA and SOPA, two proposed pieces of anti-piracy
legislation that can have dire consequences on user content-generated websites,
are causing uproar among the online community. If passed, the acts could
possibly shut down social networking sites, search engines, and blogging websites due
to copyright infringement. Here’s a look into the future without our favorite

Twitter: So the government shut down Twitter and
people can”t document every time they buy a vanilla latte at Starbucks or see
a cute pair of shoes that they’re going to start saving up for. No worries
though, the American people have taken the word “twitter” to heart. They use
actual birds now! #AnimalRightsGroupsArePissed

Wikipedia: How did people write research papers
and read book summaries before Wikipedia started? Turns out that Encyclopedias
are back on bookshelves. Time Magazine’s hottest job of the year 2020 is an
Encyclopedia salesman!

Stumbleupon: Instead of stumbling being just a
click away, people physically leave their houses. Special parks called “Stumble
Upons” have been built. The idea is that you wear a blindfold and hope to run
into someone interesting. You never know if you’re going to meet someone who
owns a cool hat collection or just really wants to find someone to fight. Or
walk into a tree.

J-Date: Popular places for ex-J Daters are temple,
delis, the movies on Christmas, or in practically any Syracuse building.

Campus Basement: Once America realized that Campus Basement could no
longer exist, people really got angry. Animals escaped from zoos, students
dropped out of school, and all forms of humor ceased to exist.

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