If you haven’t heard yet.. 34,616 tickets have been sold for the Syracuse-Villanova game! That is 983 tickets more than the previous record in 2006. It is also 4,616 tickets more than 30,000 tickets. This is going to be one epic game, so you’d better be there! If you couldn’t get a ticket, and are sitting crying in your room, there are always the 10 to 15 hustlers outside the Dome “buying tickets.” Make sure you buy the ticket that says, “This is FAKE and we are ripping you off” – you definitely won’t be getting screwed.

Many people are wondering “How many people can they fit inside the dome?” Well, how many sardines can ya fit in a can? How many dildos fit in a porn star’sâ?¦closet? It really depends on whether or not you want to see the game on the big screen or on the court. A spokesperson for the basketball team claimed “We want people to see the game. But, y’know its always cool to break attendance records.”

The Carrier Dome executives could not be reached for comment, as they were busy swimming in piles of cash. They were, however, overheard singing “Big Pimpin’,” and several students were quoted as having seen them “making it rain” near the Sadler steps.