Freshman guy seeks serious relationship; Community shocked and confused

Article by Lia Woodward February 29, 2012

The very foundation of college life was rocked today when Dave Dover, an attractive freshman male just like any other, calmly announced to his friends and colleagues over breakfast that all he really wants is a serious, long-term relationship with a classy girl and will settle for nothing less. “I’m a young guy that’s just... MORE »

Picture by Lia Woodward
April 20, 2011

Elephant feels “giant and awkward” this close to campus and doesn’t know how to bring it up

This big fella found himself alarmingly close to USC campus, just across the street in fact. Based on the reactions of ogling passerby (myself included), it was pretty clear that he didn’t exactly fit in. Even the shetland ponies felt a little weird having him there. While people weren’t exactly saying it, we all know... MORE »

Article by loganeastman
August 25, 2011

Under fire, NCAA remains committed to amateurism

Recently and always, the NCAA has come under fire for its failure to maintain the same standards when dealing with different compliance cases, especially when compared to the 2010 sanctions against USC that have increasingly become viewed as overly harsh and really lame.  While USC faced severe scholarship reductions and a two-year bowl ban, the... MORE »

Article by Piliour
March 15, 2011

Some Fun March Madness Facts

“¢    As of this year, CBS will allow the trademarked phrase “March Madness“ to be used in reference to both the NCAA tournament and Charlie Sheen’s actions in March of 2011“¢    The NCAA founds an imaginary small school every March with a weird name like George Mason or Wofford, just so people can have a... MORE »

Article by lyapalater
March 30, 2011

Students Spend 1,600 Dollars on Spring Break, and Don’t Remember Ever Going on It

Several students in Columbus, OH are enraged today, as they find out they spent 1,600 dollars on a Spring Break trip, but have absolutely no recollection of any of it. As pictures on Facebook surface, revealing groups of students in bathing suits and on unfamiliar white sand beaches, they realize that they have not just... MORE »

Marist »
Article by Piliour
October 19, 2010

Back Street Voted Filthiest Establishment in Poughkeepsie, World

It’s official. A recent edition of the New York Times voted Back Street Pub the “filthiest establishment in all of Poughkeepsie.” The article went on to indicate that, if all goes according to plan, Back Street will soon be up for the Filthiest Establishment in the World Award. Back Street owner Kevin Charles said, “It’s... MORE »

Article by Jessica Kluge
October 3, 2012

College Students Break Social Media Sites with Mean Girls Day Celebration

“‘On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was’ ‘It’s October 3rd,’” says literally every girl’s Facebook status. Over the past few years, October 3rd has existed as a day to celebrate the 2004 hit movie Mean Girls due to its incredible quotability.  On this day, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr become littered with statuses... MORE »

Video by SupermanThatPo
December 25, 2011

Women’s Center

Ramapo College’s Women’s Center sells 10 cent condoms for students. This video parodies two freshmen’s fear of the type of women that work in such a Center as they attempt to buy condoms… MORE »

Article by Shermysherm11
December 6, 2011

Top 6.5 ways to get people to go to Basketball Games

It’s just a known fact that people attend football games more than any other sport here. Hence volleyball, wrestling and other unattended sports are free to get into. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the 300 pound brawny men wearing spandex, could be the excessive amount of pre-gaming that occurs before the game starts or... MORE »