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10 Ways to Fool a Sorority Girl Into Bed

Article by 9 to 5 October 26, 2011

Wheps, would you look at that? MORE »

Article by LOOklooK
February 20, 2012

Emory Buildings Found To Be “Penis Provoking”

“Some things are penis provoking.” Excuse me? In what rational, sane, university appropriate conversation would someone say that? Apparently in one that takes place at Emory, because that’s where I heard it. But why would someone say this? Don’t worry, I did some serious, undercover investigating, and I figured this one out for you. Let... MORE »

Article by Piliour
November 8, 2010

Someone On Your Floor is Using the Shower as a Sexual Self-Playground

A recent investigation has revealed that someone on your floor has been using the shower to experiment on his body. For weeks there have been reports of an unidentified male spending “way too much time” in the shower, ranging from 20 minutes to five and a half hours. During these “wet spells,” as they have... MORE »

Article by Quinn Sosna-Spear
October 22, 2011

Bovard Auditorium becomes “Bro”vard Auditorium

On their weekly Lottery night, Alpha Iota Tau (a very popular fraternity on the USC campus), were surprised to find””as they huddled together, sipping coco by the warm fire””that they had actually won. Jointly the AIT house gained $1.5 million in a matter of minutes.  But what to do with it? They decided to spend... MORE »

Article by Brian W
September 18, 2011

Crazy Hazing Stories

Bringing the best and the worst hazing stories on the web. Vote, submit, and comment today! 100% Anonymous. http://www.hazedandconfused.com MORE »

Article by
February 26, 2011
Video by Alex Rosenthal
November 23, 2011

Video: 3-Year-Old Goes on Raging Coke Bender, Destroys Mom’s House

Check out this adorable video of two toddlers giving Charlie Sheen a run for his money. It’s like a snowman puked all over the living room. MORE »

Video by Anonymous
March 11, 2011

The Lonely Island MTV Spring Break ’88 – Highlight Reel 1

From The Vault – The Lonely Island at MTV Spring Break ’88 Daytona Beach!!! Highlight Reel 1 of 2. Features songs “I’m On A Boat” & “We Like Sportz” from The Lonely Island album “Incredibad” Footage courtesy of MTV. MORE »

Article by emcorbet
January 10, 2012

Best Pranks to Play On Your Roommates If You Get to School Before Them (Cuse)

This article is part of our “Let’s Keep This Website Awesome Over Winter Break” Tournament series. Check out the opposing article here and be sure to ‘like’ your favorite! 1. Cover the room in sand and bring in a new roommate. Tell them they’ve been voted off the island. 2. Set up a live studio... MORE »

Picture by siegs038
December 12, 2011

Passing Out From Studying > Passing Out From Drug Overdose

What a difference from last week’s ecstasy coma at DayGlow to this week’s Occupy FairMart. Typical Lehigh. Anyway, good luck finding a seat in any library at this point in the day. I guess if all else fails, sleep on the floor? MORE »