The 5 best things about February

Article by emcorbet February 22, 2011

We know what you’re thinking ““ when the fuck will spring break get here? And we all know the answer ““ not soon enough. But don’t let that get you down! Campus Basement has provided you the top five reasons why we should savor the shortest month. 5) It is the shortest month ““ cut... MORE »

Article by SammyAbram
December 17, 2011


Finals are coming to an end and as you finish them up you start to realize, FUCK I NEVER ACTUALLY LEARNED SHIT. You sit in the classroom with your pen or pencil and start to shake. It’s been months since you first stepped foot in this classroom. Now it comes down to the end. The... MORE »

Video by emcorbet
April 7, 2011


Music Video created by What the Phone Productions featuring SU senior and singer/songwriter Jasmijn White and her song “Shadow”. Directed by Alexis Fazio, written by Ashlie Daubert, edited by Katie Sciandro, and produced by Erin Corbett. Starring Rachel Weiser. Enjoy! MORE »

Article by Max Lehman
April 23, 2012

Greek Week: a GDI’s POV

So last Tuesday, I get out of class at like 6:00 PM, and these big guys wearing t-shirts, and pennies with Greek letters on them are running around in this big relay race all over campus. I’m going to the library to grab some coffee when this guy eats it right in front of Hofstra... MORE »

Video by Brian W
May 2, 2012

Syracuse Sexy and I Know It

Syracuse University Athletics Presents: “Syracuse Sexy and I Know It” Performed by: Jason Adams Featuring: Jarret Eaton, Kelly Saco, Erika Wachter, Will Watson, Amadou Gueye, Donald Pollitt, Otto the Orange MORE »

Article by Alex R
November 4, 2011

The Greatest Man in Syracuse

            The term “big man on campus” is thrown around a lot. But nobody exemplifies this persona more than one man. Wheather you know his name or not he has been in your dorm room more than any girl has. He has been in your neighbor’s home, your girlfriends’, your T.A’s,... MORE »

Picture by Anonymous
August 29, 2010

Alcohol Edu: Alternative Version

As all you freshies come to Cuse, we thought you’d find this helpful. [previously posted March 2010] MORE »

Picture by Brian W
January 24, 2011

Coach Boeheim Screamer T-Shirt!

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