Article by Brenner14
March 19, 2012

1000′s of Students Gather on UC Lawn for Men’s Rights Demonstration

Bethlehem, PA – Last night thousands of students gathered on the UC front lawn for what was apparently some kind of pro-Men’s rights demonstration. Men from all across campus removed and subsequently burned their clothing as a means of symbolically casting off the chains of what they believe to be a female tyranny. There was a strong... MORE »

Article by siegs038
February 24, 2012

The Drop

In typical Lehigh fashion, this site comes back alive to announce a concert. After all of the Dayglow fiasco, it’s time this school has a concert that’s worth going to, and it looks like that concert is going to be “The Drop”. Carter3Productions announced yesterday morning that KapSlap and MGM&REWAK will be the opening performers... MORE »

Article by jake13
December 25, 2011

I Survived Fall 2011?

Holy semester! Besides raging face every night, recovering from raging face every morning, and the occasional 4′o’clock, Lehigh practically turned into a survival reality TV show this semester. Hopefully you made it through relatively unscathed, but if you didn’t, sucks to suck. Here’s a recap: Everyone’s happy to be back at school after their shitty... MORE »

Article by hamsterdam
December 25, 2011

Say Yes To Hazing

“You wake up and you’re still a little drunk and you can’t believe that hot girl from last night actually has a beard and a penis.” – Jon Stewart Sometimes, you really should take a second look. Lehigh students are notorious for complaining about our school’s flaws. Personally, it is one of my favorite pastimes.... MORE »

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December 24, 2011

Frats Pay For Pussy

The upstanding gentlemen of Lehigh’s many remaining fraternities pay out some serious C.R.E.A.M. in order to”¦ cream. Don’t look so shocked. It’s as true as the Hill-wide drug raids conducted earlier in the semester by LUPD (you didn’t hear about that from me). Don’t believe me? Well, the numbers don’t lie and we’ll get to... MORE »

Article by jake13
December 11, 2011

Cracked Out

Now that your parents finally know how hard Lehigh goes because of the fiasco that was Dayglow, they are undoubtedly annoying the shit out of you about how your grades must be, especially with whatever those tests are coming up that everyone seems to be talking about. Only Lehigh would have as big a drug... MORE »

Article by siegs038
December 5, 2011

Drugs Were Used at Dayglow, Nobody is Surprised

In a surprising move by Lehigh University, Dayglow was allowed to be held at Stabler Arena on Saturday, where kids from Lehigh, and borderline humans from Lafayette and Moravian came to roll face or puke their brains out while listening to house music. As expected, over 40 students were sent to the hospital for drug or... MORE »

Article by kramerica22
December 3, 2011


             I think we can all agree that the last fucking thing anyone wants to do at 9:45 on a Saturday morning, when your feeling as if an 18-wheeler has repeatedly rammed its grill into the front of your domepiece, is strap on the ol’ boots and go do community service... MORE »

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Article by SWINEBU
December 3, 2011


Like most of the Lehigh population, I am sitting in my house recovering from last night and counting down the minutes until the biggest event of the semester, Dayglow.  Dayglow is the only time that any of us will enjoy getting buckets on buckets on buckets of paint poured all over us as we jump... MORE »

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Article by cmm212
December 2, 2011

The Idiot Girl’s Guide to Eating

Um, like, not doing it”¦ Ugh, unfortunately our bodies require ingesting some form of calories in order to keep our generally non-jaundice complexion, major organs functioning, and hairlines not resembling that of Larry David.  But conundrum! Idiot Girls have impossibly flat stomachs and supple breasts to maintain too.  It’s not easy to hide not eating... MORE »