In an attempt to decrease the amount of alcoholic students at Lehigh, officials from the Health and Wellness Center have chosen the day after the Lehigh-Lafayette game as the date on which they will distribute preventative medicine, in hopes that those students who are hungover will not bother to get them.

In light of an outbreak of bacterial meningitis on campus, students are recommended to take a dose of antibiotics in order to combat any potential infection. Lehigh has also been struggling to find a way to cut down on excessive alcohol consumption amidst the student population. Now they have found a way to potentially solve both problems.
The Lehigh-Lafayette game is an important event for students, and perhaps their biggest occasion for drinking. Hundreds and hundreds of students were undoubtedly battling the effects of a hangover all day, unable to even process solid food let alone wait in line at Lamberton for an hour.
“Timeliness is the most important thing when dealing with a life-threatening disease such as this,” said Lehigh President Alice Gast. “It’s unfortunate that so many students are currently indisposed, but perhaps their decision to get intoxicated is representative of a larger disconcern for their health in general.”
Seth Pluymers, roommate and hangover-sufferer, said “Brenner, turn off the fucking lights and shut up… I think I’m gonna puke.” He did not receive treatment. He later puked.
Two students have currently been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and whether or not the preventative measures will curb the outbreak remains to be seen. If that one lab partner you have who never shows up to class and never does his share of the work suddenly dies, you’ll know Lehigh’s initiative was successful.
There are many programs that provide alcohol and drug abuse help for young and old substance abusers alike.