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December 25, 2012

No one posted on Jesus’ wall for his birthday.

So, I was checking out people’s birthdays today, and noticed that Santa’s pretty damn popular…   And then I checked out Jesus, and found out that he wasn’t quite as popular.   MORE »

December 23, 2012

How to Cope Without the Apocalypse

You quit your job, got new underwear (for when you get sucked out of your clothes by Jesus), and told your mom what a raging dick she’s been since you were eleven… And then the world didn’t end. Whoops. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. There’s not a human alive who hasn’t hoped that this... MORE »

November 14, 2012

UCLA’s Humble Requests of USC Before The Game

As the objective liaison between USC and UCLA, it is my duty to present to USC a list of grievances made by UCLA. They hope that USC fans will take them into serious consideration due to the fact that UCLA is having a really hard time right now. Not only do they suffer debilitating budget... MORE »

October 28, 2012

Getting Over USC’s Loss To Arizona

As I watch my loved ones– (I say loved ones, I mean my attractive neighbor who listens to Frank Sinatra and is only gay because we haven’t “met” yet.) –drown themselves in tears and Sangria over today’s loss, I wish to shed some hope on all of those who may be concerned that it won’t... MORE »

October 9, 2012

Make Your Own Book Purse! (DIY)

Hello my !For this week’s DIY we’re going to be making purse books… Pooks! The first step to making your pook is to get your supplies! Supplies include: a hardcover book, a clutch purse, a scissors, and a superglue! Optional supplies include: Vodka! (Although the optional supplies are–as the name implies–optional, they will improve your interpretation... MORE »

September 22, 2012

Which Pokemon is Your College Major?

If you’re a decent human being, then as a child you enjoyed watching pocket-sized monster slaves fight against each other viciously in a battle for the owner’s ego. I’ve come to realize, during my $300,000 time at USC… … that perhaps (stick with me for a second) not everyone SHOULD start out with one of... MORE »

September 18, 2012

USC’s Number One Threat Uncovered: Exercise

  If you’ve been walking around campus, you’re likely to have seen a new (and very dangerous) trend called “exercise.”  Addicts are easily spotted due to their disfiguring attributes:       (It should be noted that those involved in the Greek system are 93% more likely to try exercise at least once.)   I... MORE »

April 10, 2012

The Six Ways USC Has Ruined Me

1) Cost Let’s not play games. We all know what will be haunting all of us long into senility: $200,000 worth of blood money. Because of this, I  can see only two outcomes for when I’m old:      1) I will be able to afford kids and not a house.      2) I... MORE »

February 25, 2012

USC Celebrity Look Alikes

SC sees a lot of celebrities come in and out of its gates. It sees even more non-celebrities who look vaguely like celebrities, however. Below, I’ve compiled a list of some of the USC look alikes, including our Campus Basement writers, and some more well-known figures. Think You Can Do Better? If you have any... MORE »