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February 14, 2012

Canes Disappointed in their Failure to Disappoint Fans at Duke

It has become a Miami tradition to build up expectations of athletic greatness with promising pre-season outlooks and sparks of potential, only to crush the hopes and dreams of “Canes fans. From missed shots, to interceptions, and sometimes just a lack of trying, Hurricanes athletics has been a source of gut-wrenching disappointment for quite a... MORE »

February 3, 2012

8th Wonder of the World at UM

When I applied to the U I had one fear: Parking Spaces. Everybody knows a college’s prestige is defined by the number of parking spaces it has on campus, since it’s directly correlated to the number of billionaire alumni. Since I plan on being a billionaire by 2013 (I watched the Social Network, I know... MORE »

January 24, 2012

Things UM Needs to Improve its Status (Or at Least Make it More Kick Ass)

1. Nude Area on the sidewalk by the lake Who wouldn’t want to go to a college that promotes nudity, especially considering the local talent we’ve got roaming around these parts? Other colleges limit their public nudity to the first rain of the year or only for a single mile. It’s high time that one university... MORE »