Kevin Cardoni
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Kevin Cardoni

Syracuse University Class of 2014. Television, Radio & Film Major with a distinction in snappin' necks and cashin' checks.
April 7, 2012

Public Restrooms – A Letter to Some Very Disgusting People

A letter to the soulless creatures who don’t know what a urinal is: For whatever reason, the term, “Public Bathroom,” has become synonymous with the phrase, “Urine-coated Public Bathroom.” As someone who uses bathrooms as a phone booth to receive nature’s calls, I find it horribly offensive that people feel the need to pee all... MORE »

March 30, 2012

National Cleavage Day is Here!

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past day, well, first of all, I just feel sorry for you. Today, Friday March 30, 2012, is one of the most underrated and under-marketed holidays to have ever been created: National Cleavage Day. I know we at CampusBasement like to have a lot of fun... MORE »

March 19, 2012

Student Looking for Roommates Doesn’t Realize Nobody Wants to Live With Him

Student housing sucks, plain and simple. The one good thing about student housing is getting out of it and living with your buddies. Or, you know, that random family who doesn’t check their basement or attic enough to notice you living there… The only way to get a decent place to live, whether through the... MORE »

March 19, 2012

How to Handle Spring Break

  It’s the last day of midterms here at SU, which means that most of the students’ supplies of fucks to be given has run dangerously low. If you’re like me, (and, well, you’re not, but let’s pretend you are anyways,) you’ve come out strong into midterms only to find yourself struggling to coast into... MORE »

February 23, 2012

Orange Basketball Tries to Keep Fans Interested Against USF

The Syracuse Orange Basketball team is doing everything they can to keep fans in the seats, from awkward yet clutch 3-point shots to unnecessary alley-oops. And yet, somehow, people are still not quite captivated by the #2 team in the nation. So, last night against USF, the Orange pulled out all the stops to keep... MORE »

February 17, 2012

Bid Day – Girls vs. Guys

As the second round of rush comes to a close for the semester, we here at Campus Basement would like to take a look at the subtle differences between Fraternities and Sororities. Namely, Bid Day; the single most-greatest best mindfucking heartbreakingly emotional day of the Greek calendar for GDI hopefuls. Girls (on girls bid day)... MORE »

February 10, 2012

Centro Announces, “Big Changes On The Way”

Centro has announced that changes will be made to its South Campus and Connective Corridor buses after vehicles struck pedestrians on three separate occasions in the past week. A spokesperson for Centro had this to say about the incidents; “We have been criticized in the past for the lack of timely arrival of our buses,... MORE »

February 8, 2012

Inside the Mind of the Coffee Addict

6:30 on a Monday morning. The sun is wondering what the hell I’m doing up right now, but I don’t have time for that. Work starts in half an hour! Time to fire up that Keurig I paid way too much for and start the day with a much needed caffeine kick. Also, make a... MORE »

January 31, 2012

30 Ways to Ditch That Annoying Friend

We’ve all had our encounters with that one kid who JUST DOESN’T GET THE HINT. And if you’re saying that you haven’t, then YOU’RE THAT KID. Here are a few helpful tips for other people who want to get away from you: 1. Stop showering. If done correctly, you won’t have to worry about anybody... MORE »